Why Train Muay Thai in Thailand

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The world is sick of fakes. They want something genuine, and for this they are willing to pay a price. More and more clients are looking for a genuine, customized experience where they don’t only learn a new skill, they actually get to experience another culture. This is precisely why more and more Europeans & Australians are looking to train Muay Thai in Thailand. Muay Thai is a martial arts to some and a sport to others, but it has some lethal moves. Muay Thai has been an integral part of Thai history for centuries. Even though, there are quite many different versions about the history of Muay Thai, however, all sources unanimously agree that Muay Thai was the main and most efficient self defense method that was used by the Thai warriors.

The attraction with Muay Thai is that it uses the body to mimic the certain weapons. The hands for instance become like a dagger and the legs and knees become like a hammer.

A Sought-After Militant Activity

Long ago the Thai were on guard against attacks from Cambodia and Burma. Muay Thai was part of the Thai culture and was actually a mandatory form of training for the Thai military. Young Thai men returning from duty would use these Muay Thai skills for sport and fun. Now Australians and others want to actually travel to Muay Thai to learn these war-like skills from the masters themselves – those who have perfected these skills and know how to impart them to others.

Because of its popularity, Muay Thai has started to enjoy international exposure and recognition. People are so impressed by the Muay Thai fighting style that they want Thai people to teach them the basics and traditions. The rules have changed somewhat as the sport has became more popular, becoming more in line with sports such as boxing.

A Merry Mix

Today you get fantastic Muay Thai centres where you can stay and embrace the entire Thailand culture. The typical Muay Thai warrior trains many hours everyday. Some people sign up for these Muay Thai training centres and love the healthy eating programs, the pleasant accommodation, the strict training programs which makes them lean, mean, physically healthy and mentally strong. The amount of Thais who join these programs can easily now be measured against the amount of foreigners in these Muay Thai camps in Thailand. The interesting mix of Thais with Australians and Europeans does alter style somewhat, but the atmosphere in the gym is far more vibrant and stimulating.

A Recipe for Confident Living

When you do research, you’ll find great training centres and great trainers in Thailand who don’t only offer great training but also teach good motivational skills too – good rules that will govern your life and make it clearer. When foreigners to Thailand return to their own countries, they feel as though they have found some dynamic inner power and learning Muay Thai in a country where the true masters area – this for them is a recipe for confident living.

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