Muay Thai: The ideal sport to maintain your body !

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Do you wish to quickly burn calories, train your strength and get a thinner silhouette? If so, now is the time to practice Muay Thai! This ancestral martial art is the perfect antidote against excess weight and diseases related to sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise. It is also an efficient way to maintain one’s body, improve one’s morale and boost one’s self-esteem.

Muay Thai allows you to train most of your muscles

Practiced for centuries in Thailand, Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a percussion sport known for its beneficial effects on both physical and mental wellbeing. This comprehensive sport will train most of your muscles. Indeed, it comprises of a wide variety of exercises such as running, rope-skipping, flexing, shadow boxing, barre boxing, sparring, etc. Good physical condition is often a prerequisite to succeed in this sport, as this will determines the capacity of a fighter to finish a fight. Being in a good physical condition ensures efficiency in both defensive and offensive moves.

Muay Thai: An ideal sport to lose weight and sculpt one’s figure

Without any doubt, Muay Thai is one of the most demanding combat sports. Training consists of a wide range of cardiovascular drills which contribute to burning calories and shedding excess weight, while reinforcing one’s cardiovascular system. It can therefore be considered as an ideal sport to lose weight and obtain a thinner silhouette. Muay Thai training is often intensive and includes strengthening exercises. When practiced well, this sport can improve strength, endurance, force, swiftness, flexibility and agility. As an ancient martial art which puts forward respect for others and self-control, Muay Thai contributes to spreading positive values and improving one’s self confidence.

How frequently should I train Muay Thai?

The frequency of Muay Thai training depends on several factors, including your health status, level, as well as your objectives in terms of physical performance. A beginner can start with two or three weekly training sessions. Progressively, he or she will be able to increase the number and duration of training sessions. A professional fighter who participates in Muay Thai competitions trains almost daily in order to maintain a good rhythm and optimize his or her performance levels.

The most important thing is to learn the right techniques in order to execute the moves correctly and efficiently. It is also necessary to increase the intensity of the training as one’s level improves in order to perfect their reflexes and combat strategy. During training, one must diversify exercises as it is important to solicit different muscle groups in order not to damage ligaments and muscle tissue. Another important thing is to plan for recovery periods so as to prevent muscle fatigue, especially after a particularly challenging and intensive training session.

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