How does Diet affect your training in Muay Thai

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Diet affects every aspect of our lives; it gives us the energy to do the things that we do and the right diet helps keep our minds alert. Muay Thai fighters and trainees usually have to keep a close eye on their diets to ensure that they are performing at their peak levels. In order to understand how a diet might affect your training and effectiveness as a Muay Thai fighter, it is a good idea to first look at the role different food classes play in your body.

The different food classes

There are three primary food classes; proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. All these are recommended in our daily diets in certain amounts and quantities. For a Muay Thai fighter, the first thing you need is the energy to keep going. Keep in mind that your day will probably entail cardio exercises, running and of course lots of kicking. Carbohydrates will give you the energy to keep going plus the energy to consume other food classes that your body needs; keep in mind that carbohydrates provide the energy needed in the digestion and absorption of everything you eat.

Next up, you need proteins. Proteins are the primary building blocks of our bodies; they help build our muscles, tendons, cartilages and much more. Proteins also play a huge role in helping us recover from tedious exercises, much like those done by Muay Thai fighters. Proteins can also provide the energy we need in case we do not take enough carbohydrates.

Vitamins, of course, help build our immune systems and thereby keep us from getting sick.

Do not forget different fats

A lot of Muay Thai fighters value carbohydrates and proteins over fats and for good reason; you need energy and muscles much more than you need fast in your body. This is erroneous thinking because fats and oils play some vital roles in your body. For instance, it is these fats and oils that lubricate your joints. Second, certain oils, such as Omega 3 fats help keep our minds alert. This is a whole subset of fats, usually available in foods such as fish and from supplements.

So, How does Diet affect your training in Muay Thai?

A diet that is high in carbohydrates will give you enough energy to get through your training day. Carbohydrates can also be metabolized into fats to help with some of the functions that are normally carried out by fats and oils. If you do not want to feel lethargic, you would do better to take your carbohydrates.

Proteins are an integral part of building muscles. Once you start conditioning, you will need to burn fats and build muscles as you build up your endurance and strength. You will need the proteins to help build your muscles as well as help repair any muscles damaged during training.

Lastly, you need fats to help with the lubrication of your joints. You would do well to keep your fat intake at the recommended levels if you do not want to risk your joints locking up and other serious joint injuries.

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