Different Styles in Muay Thai

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There are different combat styles in Muay Thai – some are more aggressive while others are more defensive. It relies on strategy and technique and knowing when to use both. Muay Mat is one combat style making use of heavy punches and low kicks. A Muay Mat fighter such as Pornsanae Sitmonchai would wear his opponents down by delivering punches to the body and heavy low kicks. On the other hand the Muay Khao style is known for its use of lethal knee strikes.

Once thing is sure, as you spend time sparring with various opponents, you find out different styles that work best for yourself. Some of the best fighters have evolved from the time they started out and have gained so much experience, they work on the styles that suit them best.

Different Factors Influence Styles

Muay Khao

Like most martial arts styles, Muay Thai has been influenced by a number of factors. It is believed that Muay Thai developed from an ancient Thai fighting style known as Muay Boran, which is divided into 2 types – Muay lak which emphases patience and caution and Muay kiew which is a style performed to catch the opponent off guard.

Of the different styles there are, the style you develop for yourself will depend on a number of factors. Someone who is particularly tall for instance won’t have the same speed as an opponent who is short, nimble and lean. Height and reach is just one aspect of fighting, and once you’ve established the fighting style of your opponent, you work out your own game plan. The emphasis with Muay Thai is found in the legs, and balance is very important, especially in competitions and with the judges. Throws are also important and if you can throw your opponent onto his back then you’re showing that you have

Technical Fighter – relies on Intellect

In Muay Thai there is a combat style known as technical. A technical fighter relies on both intellect and technique, and with their good defense tactics, they take a lot less damage than punches for instance Technical fighters don’t use much power when sparring. Technical sparring builds on the use of correct technique, minimizing the risk of injury as the shots are less powerful. Somluck Kamsing was a legendary Muay Thai fighter who fought a Muay Thai style that relied on IQ and defense. As a technical fighter, many people described him as what is known as a counter fighter – waiting for his opponent to attack.

Nothing is static in martial arts, and as the years unfold, you may find yourself investigating new styles, and in fact it it a good thing to always explore new styles as this ensures a dynamic standard of fighting.

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