The physical training of champions

Muay Thai is a combat sport requiring a hard physical training, no matter whether you are training for fitness, fun or to fight. To be a good Muay Thai fighter, you must have a good physical condition to be quick, agile and precise and also strong arms to be able to make strong punches. In… Continue reading The physical training of champions

Clinch Techniques

Clinch is the one of the main techniques of Muay Thai and is also used in many other combat sports such as Sambo, Judo and wrestling. However, what you may not know is that it is impossible to practice Muay Thai at a good, or in the other words, real level without learning how to… Continue reading Clinch Techniques

MMA vs Muay Thai

For a long time, free fight was the most popular combat sport style used around the world. A lot of professional sportsmen practicing other more conventional martial arts are often stunned by the flexibility, rough treatment, and variety of movements and options these combats offer. Then, there was a need to find a new combat… Continue reading MMA vs Muay Thai

Muay thai for Self Defense

By definition, self-defense refers to using physical force to protect oneself from an immediate aggression. It has to be improved by learning combat techniques that aim to help the combatant to defend himself against physical aggressions. Nowadays, self-defense has become an absolutely necessity. Self-defense techniques are largely based on martial arts or combat sports. The… Continue reading Muay thai for Self Defense

The role of foreigners in the development of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the facets of Thai culture that makes the pride of the country. It also contributes to generate additional income for the country. Furthermore, foreigners have widely contributed to the development of the practice of this sport activity both in Thailand and the rest of the world.Muay Thai and the MMA… Continue reading The role of foreigners in the development of Muay Thai


As a widespread martial art, Muay Thai has gained remarkable international exposure through cinema. Several Thai and foreign movies have not only presented the ancestral historical context of this martial art but also its sporting aspects. Cinema has therefore had a very positive effect on the development of Thai boxing in the Western World and… Continue reading MUAY THAI MOVIES

Antoine Pinto

Antoine Pinto, also known as Antuan Siangboxing, is a Muay Thai – or Thai boxing – specialist, Thailand’s national sport. As a French national, he is currently one of the most respected boxers in this discipline and enjoys celebrity status in his country of adoption. With his brother Victor, who is also a professional boxer,… Continue reading Antoine Pinto


Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai’s country of origin, where this discipline has been practiced for centuries, Saenchai discovered the boxing world at a very young age. Indeed, he was only eight years old when he began to learn the techniques of Muay Thai and made his first steps into the ring. Born in 1980, he… Continue reading Saenchai

Somrak Kamsing

Born in 1973 in Khon Kaen, in the north of Thailand, Kamsing discovered Muay Thai at a very young age. Indeed, Somrak Kamsing was only seven years old when he started practicing Muay Thai. When he was eleven years old, he moved to Bangkok to start his professional career and fight in the most famous… Continue reading Somrak Kamsing


Since the internationalization of the practice of Muay Thai in the 20th century, several Thai fighters obtained a platform to display their technique and to become worldwide champions, such as Kaoklai Kaennorsing. Born on the 13th of September 1983, this boxer possesses an impressive track record in several categories, in Thailand and abroad. His first… Continue reading kaennorsing

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